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‘Effective Brain Friendly Training for Trainers’

Are you new to Training, Facilitation, Group work?

Are you an established Trainer yet would like to revisit and refresh your current practice using Brain Friendly Learning techniques?

This course explores; how to design and deliver training, approaches on getting people motivated to learn, different ways that adults learn and provides tools and techniques that work in training and facilitation.


You get space and time to think, share and gain new knowledge and skills, learn from each other in the group and critically reflect on your own work practice.



We cover how to make training more fun, lively and memorable exploring:

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–  how adults learn

–  setting clear objectives – start with the end in mind – relevant to your audience

–  structuring your training session – varying activities, keeping momentum going

–  designing and running individual and group activities – methods to reach all

–  evaluating your session – what worked well , what could be better?


 Our approach:

Our courses are highly interactive and fun, there will be a mixture of brief inputs and a variety of individual paired and group exercises

By the end of the day you have

  • Reflected on your training practice
  • Explored different models of practice and approaches to training
  • Considered the importance of state and ‘learning styles’
  • Discovered methods, tools and techniques of training

……and feel more confident in designing and delivering your sessions


We offer this course ‘in house‘ to organisations, tailor made to your requirements. just get in touch to find out more


Some organisations we have delivered this course to include:

Caledonian Therapy Academy, Advocard, Contact a Family, EVOC, Edinburgh Centre for Community Living.

Many individual staff from Public and Third sector organisations have attended this training as an open course.

You say;

  • I feel enthused. Thanks
  • I liked the demonstration of learning styles
  • I enjoyed the physical exercises, the debating and chair game
  • It was a safe atmosphere to build confidence and have ideas
  • All new concepts were very valuable; learning continuum, learning styles etc.
  • I loved the ice breaker and energiser exercises
  • I feel I understand more about group facilitation now
  • I am open now to a variety in styles of teaching
  • It was useful to use the flip chart paper to plan a future training session 
  • It was a chance to get some space, reflect clearly and hear others ideas
  • The group discussion was great
  • Enjoyed the fun, laughter and the interactive environment
  • The pace and rhythm of day was great, relaxed, mellow but also engaging
  • It helped to work in small groups
  • It was an all round sensory experience!
  • This gave me the tactics but most of all the confidence!
  • It was really great – Thanks a ton!
  • This has helped bring the team together
  • Clear and concise, understood what the day had in store for me
  • Very useful ideas for me to go away and try
  • Impressed with how you set up the ground rules
  • Safe cared for atmosphere :)


Hope you can join us!


Contact us for more information on Brain Friendly Training for Trainers