terested in new ways to engage people you work with?

We offer a one-day in house course for people in organisations that train, facilitate, coach and /or produce documents

We can also tutor/coach you on the course materials on a 1-1 basis. We run this course as an open course throughout the year, on demand


Use visuals in your training, facilitation and documents to :

  • Enhance engagement and participation in your meetings and workshops
  • Boost learning for visual thinkers (over 80% of people)
  • Increase group memory
  • Bring colour, fun and energy into your work with groups
  • Liven up your written documents and reports with custom illustrations

As a trainer/facilitator and coach it can be challenging to think of new ways to interact with and engage your participants. How can you make learning fun, lively and memorable?


It’s time to end ‘death by Powerpoint’!

In Drawing Out Ideas you will learn:

  • The ‘building blocks’ of using visuals – lettering, people, icons, text containers and more
  • The difference between visual recording, facilitation and illustration (and when to use each)
  • How to structure a visual record
  • How to create your own visual templates and images for your documents

My background –


I love using visuals as an integral part of my training and coaching practice with individuals, groups and organisations.

As an Adult educator, visual facilitator and coach, I use extensive experience from teaching, lecturing, and development work in both the public and third sectors to actively engage you in your ongoing development.

Worried you ‘just can’t draw’?

This is not about art! We believe absolutely anyone can build up the skills required to create visuals. It’s amazing how quickly your confidence and ability increases once you learn the foundations of good visuals.

No experience is required, just a willingness to get stuck in!

Our approach:

  • We’re passionate about the use of visuals as a tool to aid learning, boost engagement, and increase memory. We’ve seen first hand the difference visuals make when working with both groups and individuals and we can’t wait to share our secrets!
  • Our training is interactive, inclusive and fun.
  • We adapt our style to suit the needs of the group on the day.

To book an in house course e mail info@kchambersassociates.co.uk, or call 01314663309

By the end of the day you will:

  • feel confident about cresting your own visuals and have a chance to explore live visual facilitation and recording techniques
  • know how to use your visuals in designing your presentations, websites, documents and more!

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Organisations we have worked with inhouse include: NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, Golden Jubilee Foundation, NHS Highland, NES Scotland, Creativity in Care, Glasgow Disability Alliance, Highland Third Sector Interface. We have also worked with a host of professionals on our open courses from the Private Public and Third sectors.

You say: 

I really enjoyed the course and have found it has helped me to think visually in my work. I have taken notes using drawings rather than great lengthy written notes and have used drawing when working with volunteers. Last week I drew stairs with a volunteer who was struggling and found it really focused his mind. I think it helped him see more clearly where he is now and where he wants to get to with the steps he needs to take along the way. I would recommend the course to anyone working with people on personal development.

Thanks once again for a great experience.’

Teresa Livingstone, Volunteer Coordinator, New Start Highlands

‘Kate makes valuable drawing skills accessible to anyone’

Les Hood, Training Officer, Adult Support and Protection, NHS Highlands

‘The graphics course last week was fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed every second and amazingly went home and practised over the weekend. I am just planning some training about national screening programmes and am looking forward to using my new found talent.’

Jane Chandler, Health Improvement Specialist, NHS Highlands

‘Kate, The joy was all ours : I can’t remember the last time I laughed so loud and long, especially over a surreal concept like ‘The Shower Skirt’. Excellent facilitation made sure we were all relaxed enough to enjoy ourselves, which of course adds to the learning experience.’

Kate Maclean, Community learning and Development, NHS Highlands

‘Kate is a superb teacher, and this course will be so useful to bring variety and life to my training courses. I’ve learned to make visual representations of stories and concepts, and to be able to respond to a much wider range of learners.’

Jane Groves, Jane Groves Training, Inverness

‘I learnt so much on this most excellent course, and Such Fun! Thank you very much, I thoroughly enjoyed it.’

Chris King, Admin, Creativity In Care, Inverness

 ‘We had a wonderful day connecting with everyone last week. We dived into taking imperfect action, making use of the graphics for our Team Meeting agenda, which worked beautifully. We all relaxed by colouring in, whilst managing to successfully work through a range of team topics. Thanks for the inspiration! Thanks for all the laughter too everyone. We’ve bought some ‘magic paper’ ready for doing some graphic facilitation on next week’s course …’ 

 Karrie Marshall, Director, Creativity In Care, Inverness

‘I thoroughly enjoyed the drawing out ideas with graphics workshop. What stood out was the fun and laughter that emerged from the exercises woven throughout the day. Kate has a way of teaching that allows participants to feel relaxed and at ease. The workshop is very empowering. I felt the whole room grow in confidence over the day. At the end of the day there was a room full of people with new skills and ability to draw and to take this back and use in their work places. A week after the course and I’ve already used my new skills. I highly recommend doing this course if you are somewhat considering it. The greatest learning and outcomes I’ve had from a one day course!’

Jeni-Lin Knott, Social Worker, Self-Directed Support Team, NHS Highland

‘Thank you for a super day of learning last Thursday. The day was elegantly designed and facilitated, ensuring we participants literally broke-through self-limiting beliefs (can’t draw, won’t draw!) from very early on. The day continued apace, building knowledge and skills in an incremental way. Challenging and fun all in one go, as well as a real confidence-booster! The venue was spot-on and a smashing group of participants collaborated well together too. It suited my needs perfectly, and I am very pleased with my ‘investment’. I would encourage others who would like to use graphics and cartoons to bring to life the written word (but feel they can’t) to attend, as they can!’ 

Tony Stevenson, learning and development specialist, Changing Mindz 

‘Thanks Kate. It brings a smile to my face to remember the day I had with you in Edinburgh. I have not yet had opportunity to use it , but I am thinking more in pictures.’  

Sally Munro, Workforce Development Facilitator, Argyll and Bute CHP 

‘Thanks again for undoubtedly the most fun CPD course I have ever attended! I really appreciated; that you got us all involved right from the start by asking us how the workshop should operate, the opportunity to practise new skills as we learned them and to work together and share so much with fellow course mates. I will most definitely be ‘borrowing’ facilitation ideas for the future too. The graphics library, skills and confidence developed in just one day will be put to good use in my role as training officer for Scotland’s Urban Past and in my volunteering activities. In fact, I’m on duty this week as run director at Victoria park run Glasgow and have made an ‘infodoodle’ to help our volunteer recruitment on Facebook and Twitter. Hopefully the runners and volunteers will understand and like it! All the best and many thanks again for a top day – I have rediscovered my drawing mojo!’ – Nicky

Dr Nicky Imrie | Training Officer | Scotland’s Urban Past

‘I have learned so much and will use my new found skills on a daily basis at work.  I am already thinking in pictures.  I would love to have spent longer with you and the group and I think you have a lot more to share. Kind regards, Lynne’

Lynne Brown, Revalidation Administrator, Forth Valley Royal Hospital 

‘I used the day to develop part of something I will deliver tomorrow.  I’m very excited about how I will use what I learned on the day.  My colleague wants a place on one of your future courses.  Thanks for making work so much fun.’

Maggie Cochrane, Learning and Development Business Partner, Scottish Natural Heritage

‘Thanks so much for a fantastic workshop – never has time flown so much on a training course before from having so much fun! All the exercises were really enjoyable and were a great way to try out using graphics and cartoons. I came away from the day with a lot more confidence for doing graphic facilitation and I am looking forward to putting my new skills into practice in the workplace. Thanks again’

Sarah Taylor, Learning and Development Adviser, City of Edinburgh Council

‘This is a very interactive course that stands alone in anything I have seen available in the world of ‘graphics and cartoons’ for the workplace.  For anyone looking to challenge typical meetings and the standard approach to recording information, this is for you!

James Mair , Talent Development Consultant, Scottish Government

‘This course definitely added to my repertoire and it was wonderful to use a different bit of my brain! I have recommended the course to my colleagues and we might be looking for some in-house input one day.’

Martha Lester-Cribb, Evaluation Support Manager, Evaluation Support Scotland

‘I really enjoyed this training day. I had hoped that it would educate me about how graphics could be used in my work, particularly with reference to illustrating reports and explaining data to mixed audiences and I was not disappointed. I left the course feeling more confident about how I could incorporate drawing and graphics into my work in different ways.’ 

Helen Rice  –  Freelancer,  Research * Transcription*  Proofreading

‘I really enjoyed the session: the creative activities, the facilitation style  and the innovative and safe environment were just perfect! I also learned a lot of new techniques and loved the group exercises! The right balance between theory and practice!’

Giulia Lucchini, Learning and Development Adviser, City of Edinburgh Council

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2018 in house course for Highland Third Sector Community Partnership, Inverness

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In house course for NES Scotland, Edinburgh 2016

In house course for NHS Highland, Inverness 2016




In house course for NHS, Golden Jubilee Foundation 2016


In house course NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, 2014



Open courses, Edinburgh and Glasgow 2016, 2015, 2014


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