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Benefits of using Visuals

I have a passion for learning and developing myself and others. My professional background is in teaching, lecturing and adult education. I use visuals to complement training and facilitate personal and organisational development.

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People remember 1-1 sessions and group sessions better when visuals are used as they reinforce the content. During the process participants speak to, listen to and look at what is happening as the session evolves, using different areas of the brain. Seeing images and having what you have said read back to you can enhance the value of your words,  affirms your opinions and enhances your memory and increases your ownership of what you are contributing to.

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As your mind engages with live images verbal discussion is encouraged. We draw the images on large sheets of paper in front of you and capture any ‘light bulb’ moments of insights you have and capture the flow of your ideas. You begin to see how things fit together, see patterns emerge; a shared understanding is formed, transparent to all involved.

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Producing visual information doesn’t have to involve creating an intricate artistic piece of work. For my purposes often less is more, the simpler the better! Visuals can capture the key themes and concepts of different types of work, ranging from training sessions, group work, planning processes, strategy sessions, workshop/event summaries and coaching conversations.

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You can use the visual record to talk others through what has been explored in a meeting, event or group activity. If there is tension in a group or if you are working with someone one-to-one on a sensitive issue, visuals can help diffuse tension by giving them something to focus on. They can act as an aid to further explore an issue or find a solution to a problem.


Visuals can stimulate creativity. They get people thinking ‘outside the box’. They liven up written reports, workshops and events, and they summarise concepts explored, often adding humour. They are usually fun to both draw and to watch evolve. I often see enthusiasm and participation increasing in a room as visuals emerge and people become more involved with the activity.



Details of our course Drawing Out Ideas is here.



Visual Facilitation and Recording

Visual facilitation and recording is great for problem solving, sharing information, keeping a group on task, assisting a group to act collectively. It aids communication and encourages critical thinking. It enables complex ideas to be represented in a simple way.

I can work alone or provide you with two facilitators enabling us to both lead the process and visually record.


I use Visual Facilitation and Recording really anywhere where it will have a positive effect on engaging people in learning and development!


Visually facilitating Project Planning 


path heading

PATH heading for Project planning with Fife Health and Well being Alliance 2012

‘Many thanks for a really useful planning day and a fantastic graphical depiction of our plans!  It’s so much better than a dense list of tasks, scribbled notes or formal minutes and highlights so clearly how much work was done on the day by everyone.  The PATH is now up in the office for all to see and be reminded of the tasks and the dream!  We have photos of parts of the plan (first steps, month, actions) and have patched them together so everyone has a record of what needs doing over the next few weeks – there’s no escaping ‘the plan’!. Thanks again’.

Gail Wilson , Manager, UPDATE, Disability Information Scotland – (Visually facilitated by Kate Chambers and Emer O’Leary)



Visual Recording live at LCiL Self Directed Support Launch Reception 2014

Visual Illustration

Visual Illustration can enhance the message you are aiming to put across. It can be produced alongside text making your message more colourful, accessible and lively.          

I provide Visual illustrations for:

  • Displays
  • Reports
  • Websites
  • Publications
  • Documents
  • Newsletters
  • Magazines
  • Conferences
  • World cafes

….. really anywhere that a visual will enhance the message you are putting across!

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Prompt cards for Coach The Vision course Glasgow Disability Alliance 2017


Coach The Vision module 1 worksheet for Glasgow Disability Alliance 2016


Confidence module worksheet for BOOST Programme 2016

agm graphic

Visual Illustration for work4ME AGM 2014

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Prompt cards designed for KCA Visual facilitation training 2011

timeline nhs dementia dvd project 2


Visual Illustration Timeline display for NHS Scotland ‘Coping with Dementia DVD World Café ‘ 2009


Visual Illustration for LCiL Annual report 2004

Organisations I have provided Visual Facilitation, recording and illustration include:

Edge, Glasgow Disability Alliance, Changes Community Health Project, Engender, Diageo, Skill Scotland, Midlothian Council, NHS Scotland, Fife Health and Well being Alliance, Third Sector Strategy Group Fife, CVS Fife, Lothian Centre for Inclusive Living, UPDATE, Work4ME, Falkland Centre for Stewardship, Disabled Persons Housing Service (Fife), Action for M.E, BOOST Programme

I use Visual facilitation in all training sessions I design and deliver

See Solution focussed Strength based Coaching section of this website for information on Visual Coaching

For more information on Visual Facilitation, Recording and Illustration contact us

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